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Broadway Acting and Voice

Moana Theme
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Moana Theme

Starts August 2024

Show Date: Friday December 6th, 2024


Welcome to the exciting world of ‘Moana 2’! This course is specially designed for budding young actors and dancers aged 4*-7 years old, who dream of becoming their own favourite character from the beloved and ever popular movies about Moana and her adorable and funny friends! Shy children are welcomed too, as this course is perfect for instilling a love of performance and self confidence.

*Children should be age 4 years old by September 1st 2024 to be eligible.


Course Overview:

Our Moana 2-themed course provides magical exploration through voice and movement. Each week, our talented instructor will guide the young actors through a carefully curated curriculum that combines the essence of Moana and the character's adventures with age-appropriate dance techniques, voice exercises and script.


Syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Moana's world
  • Getting to know the beloved characters.
  • Learning basic dance postures, gestures, and creative movement inspired by the characters.
  • Theme related rhythms and music
  • Embracing the atmosphere of the chocolate factory experience as we explore fun and energetic dance routines.
  • Encourage imaginative and expressive movements.
  • Cultivating poise, balance, and storytelling
  • Experiencing the excitement of Moana’s thrilling escapades with dynamic story sequences.-Enhancing coordination, flexibility, and stage presence.


Grand Finale Showcase:

We work towards a grand finale showcasing great performances, with costumes and make-up, on Friday December 6th - parents will also be sent an edited mini-video. The young performers will take centre stage, showcasing newfound storytelling and dance skills. The young stars will shine brightly, bringing the story to life.

This course promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with joy, creativity, and lots of dancing!


Benefits of the Course:

  • Developing fundamental dance skills in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Enhancing creativity, imagination, and self-expression.
  • Boosting confidence and stage presence through performance opportunities.
  • Fostering teamwork and friendship in a supportive and encouraging environment.



Musical theatre introduces young learners to the songs of Broadway musicals and so much more. We teach voice projection, pronunciation, singing techniques and many excellent tools to improve language and confidence. It blends music (singing), theatre (acting/drama) and movement (dance). This includes how to breathe and sing properly, a basic dance and movement vocabulary and how to deliver scripted lines in a theatrical fashion.


We have a lot of fun in this class! The children get to explore and expand their abilities, building the trust needed to work as part of a team.



This class makes a great package when combined with one of our dance classes with the same theme:

Broadway Dance
Hiphop Dance


Dance & Acting Teacher Profile

Imi Nadir


Imi is an exceptionally experienced, qualified and multi-skilled teacher, who is an expert and enthusiast in almost all fields! He holds a B.A Honours in Drama and Theatre Studies from the University of Chester, Certificates in Core Academic Skills for Educators and Teaching Middle School Science, on top of a Masters in Education (with Globalization in Education) from Washington D.C. He also has his TEFL, is a talented musician who composes/plays/teaches various instruments,and can sing and dance.

Imi is also a keen martial arts teacher who has created his own Tae Kwon Do clubs for many years, as well as a 'part-time' music producer. Additionally, Imi has a BA Hons in Criminology & Drama and Theatre Studies and is a highly qualified sports coach in football, basketball, and mixed martials arts.

Broadway Acting and Voice
Broadway Acting and Voice

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