Designed with children in mind.

Kspace - Our Name

The ‘K’ in our name represents kids, kinder and kodomo. It’s amazing how the word for children starts with a ‘K’ in so many languages! We designed a wonderful space for the education and development our children – the one and only, Kspace!

Our School

Since 2001 we have achieved great success and enjoyed the happiest of experiences with thousands of children and their families, representing almost 40 countries from around the globe! Parents love our international environment, which provides a ‘home from home’ atmosphere for expatriates, and a truly warm welcome for our Japanese families.

We offer something for every stage of early childhood. We help parent and child strengthen bonds and experience exciting new things together – and we are here to educate and care for the children when they branch out by themselves. We are a ‘one-stop’ facility for families.

At Kspace we try to make parenting/schooling easier by keeping things simple:

  • We are open almost every day of the year
  • Our school offers extension hours to support working/busy parents
  • We have programmes for children aged 3 months to 11 years old
  • We cater for English language levels from fluency to absolute beginner
  • Saturday programmes cater for children alone or families with small children
  • We are down-to-earth, approachable and very friendly!

Our Portfolio

We provide options that carry your child through from their first few months to elementary school age, in order that we get to know them really well. Music, creativity and fun run throughout our programmes as well as a very :

* Some of the programmes have a shorter name, to help us refer to them easily at the school

We also specialise in various English language support/ESL courses, which fall into the categories above.

Please enjoy looking through the website, but remember, you will get to know us best if you take a tour and meet us. We are open to all your questions and are waiting to meet you!

As soon as you step inside our school you will feel the Kspace difference!

Juliet Rogove