5-13-39 Shirokanedai, Minato Ku, Tokyo 108-0071 (MAP)
〒108-0071 東京都港区白金台5-13-39

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International Preschool & Kindergarten
Ages 14 months to 6 years

Application Procedure for Admission to Kspace International School



Our term dates set our billing periods and in some cases, our curricular units. We accept applications at any stage of the year.

Enrolment Procedure from within Japan

1. Contact us to set up an appointment to observe the school with your child. School visits are offered Tuesday through Friday between 9:15 am and 10:15 am or other times by special arrangement. If you are interested in observing our bilingual English/Japanese programme (ages 2.5yrs to 4 yrs) we advise that you visit on a Tuesday or Thursday.

2. During your tour, a member of our staff will guide you through our facility, allowing time for you and your child to observe your child’s potential classroom and teachers.

3. To apply for admission, parents must 1) complete the online application, 2) schedule a 3-day class trial for their child. Please note, trials incur a daily and uniform fee. Additional documents such as previous school records may be requested.

4. At the conclusion of the trial, parents meet with the classroom teacher to discuss their experience, the child's placement and the next steps.

For Application from Overseas

In the case of overseas enrolments (and families who cannot provide an address in Japan at the time of application), we ask that you please:

- Complete an Admissions Form fully and send in to us as early as possible.

- Kindly communicate with us via email the exact or approximate start date, attendance and days required, period of enrollment required and any other urgent issues pertaining to your child's application.

- An 'Overseas Application Fee' @ ¥20,000 will be charged per student. This is collected prior to any other fees and we will set up a Zoom call with you. We must meet the prospective student and at least one parent during the call.

- If you are applying for a term well in advance or a future academic year, it is be possible to pay a Reservation Fee of ¥50,000 to secure a place for your child in their age group, until the deadline for full payment is due. This will be applied to the annual and membership fees upon enrolment.
Note: Reservation Fees are retained by Kspace in the case of postponement past the fee due date, cancellation of failure to enter the country.

- We may require full payment if you are applying for the current term, if a payment deadline is already due, or if we have limited places in a class.

- Following a virtual meeting with your child/family, we will send you written confirmation of our decision and advise you of the next steps.


Online Application Form

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Come and see us!

All parents and children are welcome to come and visit us and spend quality time at our school. We hold Tspace observations throughout the week. Please call ahead if you would like to come and see what we have waiting for you, or simply book an observation via this site.

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