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International Preschool & Kindergarten
Ages 14 months to 6 years

About Our International School

About us
About us
About us
About us
About us
About us
14 Months to 6 years

Welcome to our International Preschool & Kindergarten.

Our Background

Kspace is a coeducational school for children 14 months to 6 years old. We teach in the English language and offer a vibrant, cosmopolitan, international school experience. Some Japanese lessons are offered as part of the syllabus and we also run a bilingual Eng/Jpn programme for a specific age group.

Classes are small and friendly. Our teacher:student ratio is very high, allowing each child to receive a lot of personalised attention. We have schooled children from over 40 countries and our alumni are spread all over the world.

Our core team consists of highly skilled, long-term residents of Japan. Many of us are parents of multilingual/multicultural children. We aim to teach children natural English to a high standard, and the majority of our team members are native English speakers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Our Name - Tspace

All of our services at Kspace begin with a defining letter.

Tspace is the name of the Preschool & Kindergarten at Kspace, and our age groups are Caterpillar (14 months to 2yrs), Chrysalis (2 to 3yrs), Butterfly (3 to 4yrs), JLIP (3 to 4yrs), Big Bug (4 to 5 yrs) and Super Bug (5 to 6yrs).

Our Approach

We provide a very lively, electric, internationally minded environment. Kspace is a progressive learning organisation that embraces developments in education whilst keeping essential values close to heart. We adopt a very hands-on approach, encourage exploration and develop a child’s natural sense of curiosity.

We observe a selection of interesting, fun, and culturally enriching calendar highlights that help children to understand the world around them. Our aim is to make all students feel part of the world as a whole, so that they feel comfortable and excited about a future that may involve study, travel and living abroad – as well as a sense of global responsibility. We are a very ‘down to earth’ organization and we recognize that parents are busy. We aim to offer parents support with catering and a flexible time schedule, and consequently we support families by offering care outside the regular school and after-school hours. We also adopt a realistic approach to parent-attendance for school events/meetings etc, and we attempt to open as often as possible!

We offer children an excellent education and prepare them well for future schooling, but we also guarantee a range of fantastic experiences and very memorable moments!

Our Curriculum

Through collaboration with educational specialists and experienced teachers we created the original foundation for Kspace International School.

Our unique curriculum is based loosely on the U.K. EYFS, with adaptation to suit children with a range of English language abilities. We use a theme-based approach where children become absorbed in fascinating topics.

Younger children focus on music and movement, creativity, fine and large motor skill development through play, early literacy, and social skills. As they grow focus on Phonics, Maths and all foundation subjects increases. Older children cover a sophisticated programme, have specialist teachers for extra curricula subjects and guest teachers for many subjects. Our eldest group enjoys a unique literacy programme, 1-1 teaching sessions, a tailor-made reading course and ongoing assessments.

Our Communication

Kspace is well known for the superb level and quality of our feedback to parents! We like to work very closely with each family and there are no PTA or elected Class Parents, which allows us to hear parents’ needs as individuals – not as a collective.

Every week parents are thrilled at the wide selection of wonderful feedback they receive, which allows them a little window into school life. Parents have a fantastic Members’ Area website that includes:

  • Each week parents enjoy a beautifully directed mini-video of the children in class
  • We provide regular uploads to our gallery and hold many photo shoots
  • Teachers produce amazingly image-rich, detailed weekly newsletters
  • We hold regular shows/assemblies for parents as well as exhibitions and calendar events. Mini-videos of these are recorded and links sent to parents.
  • Each term we run curriculum information meetings and future schooling counseling
  • Each term parents are invited to Communication Meetings – but we are here EVERY DAY to help!

Our teaching and management teams are fun, interesting and approachable people who love to help!


Come and see us!

All parents and children are welcome to come and visit us and spend quality time at our school. We hold Tspace observations throughout the week. Please call ahead if you would like to come and see what we have waiting for you, or simply book an observation via this site.

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