Our Charity Work

Our Charity Organisation

‘Cspace’ is the name of our fundraising group. We bring our entire community together to support projects that positively impact the lives of the less fortunate, in the knowledge that we can all take steps towards making our world a better place.

We believe that involving our children in Cspace projects makes them more caring and empathetic, plus broadens their knowledge to the many issues affecting families worldwide.

Kspace supports working and busy parents, so we work together to create projects that are fuss-free and a lot of fun, with the emphasis on enriching experiences.

Our Causes

Over the years we have helped many projects:

Room to Read

We built 2 preschools and a primary school in Sri Lanka and profoundly affected the future of over 700 children and their families!

Room to Read Project 2

We sponsored the publication of educational books. These were written in the children’s native language, by local authors.

Seeds for Africa

We raised enough money to plant hundreds of fruit trees!

The Philippine Christian Foundation

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ARK Animal Rescue Center

Cspace worked with animal rescue centre ARK, and we ‘adopted’ our very own dog to sponsor.

Make-A-Wish Japan

Cspace offered a generous donation to help children realize their dreams.

Hope After Haiyan

Following a natural disaster, Cspace sent emergency donations and substantial financial aid to the Philippines, Tacloban.

Tohoku Tsunami Emergency Aid

When the tsunami struck in 2011 we reacted immediately and sent money, food/emergency provisions and books & toys to the area. Kspace team members also cooked and traveled with a relief team to help.

Uniforms for Oshika

2013 and 2015. We continue to support families in Tohoku.

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Oshika School Visits

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Our students also regularly participate in eco-awareness projects that educate them to adopt a more responsible approach to everyday living and they are encouraged to give and share as one of the core values at the school.

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