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〒108-0071 東京都港区白金台5-13-39

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After School Classes

Young Engineers

After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme

Young Engineers is the perfect class for boys and girls, to keep them happy, motivated, and learning! This weekly workshop is based on STEM challenges (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and are hands-on projects that gets kids thinking creatively.
Children love to play and in this class we take their natural curiosity and guide them carefully so that they:

  • Build problem solving skills
  • Find out how things work
  • Learn to love early science, engineering and maths
  • Use real life tools and materials to create things from scratch
  • Cover an increased set of English vocabulary that is related to STEM, and a broader set of verbs

We take the simplest of ideas and expand it, using raw materials of many different types and wide range of equipment. Students work as individuals, pairs and groups to plan and build their own structures. Our youngest children will learn a lot from the older students, and our older students love to mentor and assist!


  • Group Discussion - Planning our projects and showing examples of popular architecture/design/problem solving in the world.
  • Blueprint design - 2D and 3D design skills taught and refined
  • Working it out - How to build our dreams (teachers mentor and guide the children hands-on to help them achieve the class goals)
  • Presentation of work to the class
  • End Discussion – Talk as a group about how problems were solved

Example Projects:

  • Paper Structures
  • Balloon powered vehicles
  • Building bridges
  • Lego and Kalpa Challenges
  • Building boats
  • Creating simple electricity
  • Building with straws!
  • Tallest Towers (using range of materials like paper cups & cards, pipe cleaners, blocks)



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