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kspace Winter School 2019

After School Programmes & Extension Hours
Open to all children 2 years to 10 years, until 7:00 p.m.

Singapore Maths

After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme

Bringing maths into a whole new light, the world famous and internationally recognised Singapore Maths learning method is our number one choice for teaching number sense. Whether you're a new maths learner or an avid pro, Singapore Maths is sure to open your brain to new possibilities. Utilising a specific ideology, this method takes the students through a web of possibilities and teaches them how to not just use math... but how to think math. Developed around the ideology that math learners understand the why and not just the how, it follows a pattern that allows students to learn in a manner and pattern that ensures understanding, and later mastery. Students begin by using manipulatives during the concrete phase, then move on to a pictorial phase, and ultimately focus on abstract comprehension Young learners are taught to understand the meaning of numbers and that numbers can be created and deciphered in many different ways (number sense). They also learn how to understand math language, as many times confusion comes from not quite understanding exactly what is being asked. Singapore Math is aimed at ensuring that all students are able to master the different concepts of maths. We, here at Kspace, have been slowly transitioning our entire maths programme to utilise the full range of the wonderful benefits that Singapore Maths has to offer. We are now thrilled to officially bring this incredible opportunity to our after school students.


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If you would like to come along and chat to the team, look around our school and trial a class, we are waiting for you! Please book an appointment in advance. There may be a single session fee applicable for the After-School trial, dependant upon the class that you select.

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