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kspace Spring School & Summer School 2019 Kspace Spring School & Summer School 2019

After School Programmes & Extension Hours
Open to all children *2 years to 10 years, until 7.00pm.

Sewing Club

After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme

The art of sewing is one that children absolutely love to learn. This class touches on basic threading patterns, stitching, and a few advanced ideas for older students. Children will be handling different styles of fabric and discussing how to use it. From child-safe darning needles to easy-to-use patterns, each step of the way will be a wondrous adventure for nimble fingers to master the craft...we will even get the chance to use a real sewing machine!
Sewing aids focus and concentration, precision and small/gross motor skills development. Using new techniques and mirroring their teacher, the children in Sewing Club will produce basic sewing projects that give them a great sense of creative satisfaction, and encourage them to think about how things are made and how to put things together.
This is a great session for both boys and girls!

Our Teachers

Adam Bowden is a well-loved teacher in our international school and also professional designer. He was educated at the Adelaide Institute of TAFE, Performing Arts and has worked on many famous stage productions including Phantom of the Opera, Lion King and Mamma Mia! He is a qualified ESL teacher and brings his artistry to our children to help them use a broader set of vocabulary as they learn new skills.

Aspace Science

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If you would like to come along and chat to the team, look around our school and trial a class, we are waiting for you! Please book an appointment in advance. There may be a single session fee applicable for the After-School trial, dependant upon the class that you select.

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