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kspace Winter School 2019

After School Programmes & Extension Hours
Open to all children 2 years to 10 years, until 7:00 p.m.


After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme
After School Programme

Are you ready for some football? It's time to kick it into high gear with a rousing game and get your team spirit into full swing!

The Kspace building offers a vast space of unlimited possibilities: Regardless of the weather we have something to offer. Our rooftop area is perfect for a rousing game between friendly teams and our Gym area is an excellent spot for warm-ups and rigorous stretching exercises.

Children aged
Toddler Football: 2 to 3 years
3 to 5 years
4 to 7 years


Across the weeks we offer an introduction to football excellence that we hope will lay the foundation for a long-term interest in the game. We aim to cover age-approriate activities based on:

Body and Space Awareness

  • Basic movement patterns like walking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, pushing, pulling etc
  • Spatial awareness (self-perception with respect to space, self- perception with respect to others and perception of others in the surrounding place)
  • Body and different postures awareness
  • Rhythm awareness (synchronous and asynchronous movement sequences, proper timing in movement execution...)
  • Static balance (maintaining a posture in space)
  • Dynamic balance (total or partial postural adjustments to find or to restore a posture during an action)
  • Dynamic differentiation (evaluation of body position within a pathway)
  • Kinesthetic differentiation (awareness and ability to control or to use his-her own strength
  • Eye-hand and Eye-foot coordination
  • General movement coordination
  • Lateralization development

Activities e.g.

  • General and specific exercises (e.g. guide and control of different type of soccer ball)
  • Tutorials (combinations of above exercises)
  • Playful activities to apply all the above
  • Movement games with and without the ball

Technical areas

  • Fundamentals (kicking, passing, receiving, controlling the ball)
  • Awareness and respect of basic rules (don`t touch the ball with the hands, acknowledge the field lines, space orientation and targets)

Suitable for boys and girls!

Balls can aid the development of the many skills needed for physical play and sport. We use many different balls (and ball games) to practice rolling, bouncing, dribbling, aiming, throwing, catching, kicking, blocking and balancing. We also teach basic cooperative concepts and rules. Tactile pursuits encourage healthy brain function, aid learning and engage all senses, as well as developing small and large motor skills.

This class takes place inside and outdoors and requires sports kit and appropriate sports footwear.

Aspace football
Aspace football

Come for a Visit!

If you would like to come along and chat to the team, look around our school and trial a class, we are waiting for you! Please book an appointment in advance. There may be a single session fee applicable for the After-School trial, dependant upon the class that you select.

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