5-13-39 Shirokanedai, Minato Ku, Tokyo 108-0071 (MAP)
〒108-0071 東京都港区白金台5-13-39

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After School Classes

Dramatic Play

After School Programme

Welcome to our enchanting world of Dramatic Play! Our after-school class sparks your child's imagination, creativity, and social skills through the magic of pretend play. In our sessions, little ones embark on exciting journeys of make-believe, from brave knights to magical fairies, fostering cognitive and emotional skills in a fun and supportive environment.

The activities for our 3 to 4-year-olds engage them in imaginative play, promoting social interaction and creativity:

1. Royal Dress-Up Ball:

  • We transform into kings, queens, knights, and princesses.
  • Children create royal stories and enjoy a grand ball with music and dancing.

2. Space Explorer Adventure:

  • Students become astronauts exploring space with cardboard rocket ships.
  • Let's navigate stars, encounter aliens, and discover new planets!

3. Pizza Parlor Pretend Play:

  • We set up a mini pizza parlor for chefs, customers, and delivery drivers.
  • Social skills are enhanced through pretend pizza-making and delivery.

4. Firefighter Rescue Mission:

  • We become brave firefighters in a cityscape with hats, hoses, and trucks.
  • Our students save stuffed animals from imaginary fires, promoting teamwork.

5. Underwater Adventure:

  • It's time to explore an underwater wonderland as sea creatures or pirates.
  • Storytelling and creative play takes place in the imaginary waves.

6. Culinary Creations Kitchen:

  • Step into our kitchen for a delightful cooking adventure.
  • Imagination is sparked whilst experiencing joy in food preparation.

7. Spaghetti Sensation:

  • We transform into chefs, waitstaff, and diners in an Italian bistro.
  • Imaginary spaghetti dishes are served on red checkered table cloths!

8. Doctor Dress-Up:

  • Our white lab coats and doctor hats transform our students into physicians.
  • This imaginative play experience makes us feel like real healthcare professionals.

9. Healthy Snack Time:

  • We highlight the connection between nutrition and health.
  • Children engage in role-playing, choosing nutritious snacks for friends.
Let the magic of Dramatic Play unfold for your little one!

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If you would like to come along and chat to the team, look around our school and trial a class, we are waiting for you! Please book an appointment in advance. There may be a single session fee applicable for the After-School trial, dependant upon the class that you select.

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