Our Mascots: KOKOMO



Kokomo was the very first member of the ‘Kokos’ to visit planet Earth from the Kokomo family! One day he was happily playing on his swing, taking it ‘a bit too high and a bit too fast’ (as his mummy always says), when he suddenly found himself on the Kspace roof!

Kokomo travelled all the way from his home, millions of light years away, through a special black hole. Since then he returns often to join us at Kspace International School as one of our liveliest students. The children love it when their biggest classmate and friend makes an appearance and we know that you will too!

Birthplace: Planet Ko, Andromeda Galaxy
Species: Kokomo is a ‘Koko’
Birth Date: Kokomo was born in the Earth season of summer
Age: Koko years are very different to human years, they are measured in how many trips they make through the universe. Each Koko can make 100 trips. Kokomo has made 6 fun galaxy trips and is still a ‘preschooler’.
Gender: A ‘boy’
Character: Very big for his age and a bit clumsy!
Extremely curious
A bit impatient
Hobbies: Learning to read, watching bugs and sports
Kokomama Likes: • Kokomo loves summer! He is very interested in the things that humans do in summer like swimming, surfing, snorkeling and water play. He still hasn’t figured out how to protect his fluffy exterior (which isn’t waterproof!) so he often has to watch from the sidelines.
• Rajio Taiso
• Loves meeting new friends
Kokomama Dislikes: Really cold weather (didn’t enjoy his trip to Neptune!)
Bitter tastes
Favourite Food: Kokomo has a huge appetite and quite a sweet tooth.
He is very interested in some of the naughty ‘sometimes food’ on Earth! They make his tummy ache and Kokomama has to watch him carefully.
Favourite Music: Kokomo loves pop music and anything with a catchy sound. Some of his favourite songs are ‘Pineapple Pen’, ‘Gangnam Style’ and Sesame Street theme song.
Kokomo is always ready to join in for a good dance and sing-song.
Favourite Planets: Earth and anywhere that’s warm!