Our Mascots: KOKOMAMA



Kokomama is the second member of the ‘Kokos’ to visit planet Earth from the Kokomo family. She is an Astrogeologist and enjoys travelling through the Cosmos studying everything she finds.

Like our human mummies, she loves teaching and taking care of her young Kokos (Kokomo, Kokocoa and Kokobébé) and has a special interest in nurturing the children of Kspace.

Birthplace: Planet Ko, Andromeda Galaxy
Species: Kokomama is a ‘Koko’
Birth Date: Kokomama was born in the Earth season of autumn
Age: Koko years are very different to human years, they are measured in how many trips they make through the universe. Each Koko can make 100 trips. Kokomama has made many trips for fun and her life’s work. She is about the same age as many of our Earth mothers.
Gender: Female
Character: Kokomama is:
A little bit shy
Very patient
Has an excellent memory
Is a great hugger
Special Talent & Power: Kokomama is a super scientist and she is mad about maths! She knows the formula for space/time travel, but sshhhhh…it’s a secret!
Hobbies: • Collects rocks and crystals from the many galaxies she visits
• Makes lovely beads and jewellery from the precious meteors and fragments she studies
• Wants to learn yoga and Tai Chi
• Enjoys karaoke, even if it means someone else has to sing for her!
Kokomama Likes: • Nature and the changing colours of Earth’s autumn
• Finding out about all the cultures of the world
• Languages
• The way children learn maths
• Hugs!
Favourite Food: Kokomama loves to try all the special flavours and foods from each country. She loves fruits and veggies, particularly avocados and coconut milk!
Favourite Music: Kokomama loves music from different eras oh Earth and enjoys watching videos and movie footage from the past. She likes to swing, jive, ballroom dancing and many different fun ways to express herself.
Kokomama loves enjoying the music at Kspace with the children and she really wishes she could sing too! When she can join us form her home on Koko she always claps and has such fun during Kspace circle times.
Favourite Planets: Kokomama loves all planets, stars and suns