Summer F.A.Q

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Q1. Do you have Summer School Brochures?

Yes. Please download them and contact us with further questions.

Summer School Brochure

Regular Summer School

Summer After-School Schedule

Q2. Summer School dates

Our Summer School is open Mondays through Saturdays from July 15th through August 31st.

Q3. What is the class size and student mix?
Maximum limit of 24 children in a group.
We typically have an even balance of gender and a diverse group of students, with a nice balance of fluent English speakers and EFL children.
Q4. What is the student/teacher ratio?
There is an approximate teacher:student ratio of 1:4 in younger age levels and 1:7 in upper age levels.
Q5. Is Summer School limited to English speakers?

All children of any English levels are welcome to Kspace as our Summer Programme involves so many different fun aspects that children naturally find themselves enjoying and relaxing with new friends. Almost all classes are given in 100% English and we like to provide a very stress-free approach.

If you are interested in helping your child learn more English, we do offer a wide array of private tutorials.

Our afterschool Aspace courses also offer a chance for little learners to study English as well as other international languages.

Q6. What specific support do you provide for bicultural children?

We have a team of teachers who are extremely sensitive to children who may be initially challenged by bicultural and bilingual environments. Many of our students are bilingual or trilingual, yet we maintain a superb standard of native English throughout the school. We have a high number of individuals who are raising their own bilingual children, and they have a special empathy with the needs of families in similar situations.

Come in for a tour to see the many ways we support English learners!

Q7. Who are the teachers?
Teachers are all regular Kspace teachers – the very best! Members of our management team will be on board to lead and help you, senior teachers and our experienced team, are all at the school during periods throughout summer. ESL teachers are all ESL specialist and native English speakers: Click here to learn more about us
Q8. Can your teachers speak Japanese?

Many of our teachers can speak multiple languages (including Japanese) and lots of them are permanent residents here, with their own multicultural children.

Kspace employs a number of Japanese-speaking staff who are on hand during the Summer hours to help out and assist in any way that they can.

Q9. Where are the teachers from?
All senior teachers are native English speakers - They are from the UK, Australia, America, Canada, and South Africa, and we have a very strict policy that we speak natural English to the children.
Q10. Can you provide more information on the curriculum for the Regular Summer School Programme?

Please look thoroughly through our website to read more:
Click here for weekly themes
Click here for age group daily schedules

Summer school is a relaxed programme and aimed at giving the children top quality entertainment and non-stop fun.

The main concept for our 2019 Summer School is providing interesting gateways into new cultures that children may find fascinating. We do this through a daily schedule focused on music, art, cooking, sensory play, role play, teacher-student interaction, games and much more. For ages 3 and up, we provide some lighthearted and fun exploratory maths and basic phonics. Older children enjoy some more challenging and exciting material that is designed to spark creativity and awareness.

Q11. What is a typical day like in your school?
FUN! Please take a look at our Daily Schedule page.
Q12. Do you have a uniform? What do kids wear?

For Summer School you will need to purchase a coloured Kokomo T-shirt that matches your child's age group. See here:

  • - All clothes labeled with child's name (in English please).
  • - No ‘brand’ clothing or fancy/expensive items.
  • - Old clothes - CLOTHES WILL GET DIRTY!
  • - Loose, comfortable clothes, light and easy to move in.
  • - NO CROCS - Croc shoes or Croc-styled shoes are prohibited.
  • - Please see ‘Things to Bring ’ for full list.
  • - We are not responsible for any loss or damage to clothing.
Q13. What do we have to bring?
Please see ‘Things to Bring ’ for full list.
Q14. Can my child bring in their ‘favourite thing’/personal belongings or phone?

Sorry, we advise against bringing in personal belongings and there is no ‘show and tell’ time during Summer School. Telephones/DS's etc. can be very distracting for children too and are not allowed in class. If you wish your child to keep a phone, we can discuss allowing it to be safely stored away and turned on at collection time only.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property (or clothing) and we may refuse to allow certain items on the premises.

Q15. Do you have parking at school?
Drop-offs are easy from the road outside the school and if you need to park nearby we can advise you of coin parking.
Q16. Is transportation provided to and from school?
Q17. Do you give homework?
We do not provide homework in our regular Summer School.
If your child opts for Private Tuition (1-1 teaching), they will receive an assessment, written feedback and the option of homework. See more details here.
Q18. Can we drop our child off at any time?
No, unfortunately – this is not a drop-in programme or crèche. We can be flexible but all fees are fixed.

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Q1. What is your procedure for evacuation?

When you visit for your school tour we can walk you through our safety pack and full documentation will be sent to you upon enrolment. It is a mandatory requirement of our parents that they are contactable at all times.

The school carries out very regular emergency drills during term times and our senior staff members were all involved in the evacuation of March 2011. They are highly capable and responsible.

Download Evacuation Package

Q2. When was your school last checked for safety?
Kspace is one of the few international schools that have earned a certification from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, who continue to monitor and check our facilities. Our water was also cleared in February as of a high standard (‘drinking water’) and our safety equipment has been fully tested, along with checks by the fire department.
Q3. What safety equipment do you have?

The Kspace facility was built to our specification by master architects, Klein- Dytham (whose children also attended our school!). State-of-the-art features were used, including safety doors, special fire chutes, door handles and many other features. We have two different types of carts for transporting the youngest children and safety packs on each floor.

Read more about Our School here

Q4. Do you have a First Aider at the school?
Amongst our management team we have an Emergency First Response Instructor and team members with nursing background who are present in our term-time. Teachers are educated at Kspace through their Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children Courses, and many who were also First Aiders prior to taking this course.
Q5. Do you administer medicine to children?

No, we generally do not.

If there is cause for an Epi-pen then this situation is discussed at length with parents prior to full enrolment.

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Q1. Do we have to be Kspace members?
No, our Summer School is a great opportunity for us to welcome children from outside the school.
Q2. Can we enroll at any time?

Early enrolment is best and you may be entitled to a discount in fees☺ !
Click here for details

You can join us at any time throughout the Summer School, if we have a space in our programme.

Q3. Can my child enter the Summer School at any age?
From approximately 14 months to 8 years.
Q4. Does my child have to be toilet trained?
No, we are happy to welcome younger children who are still toilet training. Please just provide all nappies, wet wipes, lotion, etc. and teachers will tell you when/if they need replacing. We listen to parents’ concerns about toilet training and whilst your child is in our care we will follow best practice, according to our experience.
If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask us and note the School Toilet Policies in your authorisations pack.
Q5. What is your entrance procedure?

Please complete the enrolment form.

If you are booking during our Summer please:
-mail or call us to check availability
- Before attending we must have a completed enrolment form

We prefer that parents make at least one pre-booked school tour, with their child, in order to experience the school’s atmosphere.

Q6. What is your acceptance procedure?
Every child is admitted on a case-by-case basis. We ask for details of children’s allergies (mandatory) and behavioural background (if necessary) prior to admittance. You will be informed rapidly of our decision and the system is stress-free!
Q7. Do children have to attend every day? Is this planned for sequential learning?
No. We do not have a minimum attendance for the Summer School. Each day the children enjoy some fresh material so they can attend every day, and still learn/cover new things.

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Q1. What food is provided at snack time?
Please see our information on meals
Q2. My child has an allergy.
The exact allergy and full details must be entered on the enrolment form and discussed by phone or in person before enrolment. Please call us on 03-5421-4186.
Q3. Can my child have a special meal (for veggie/vegan menu, allergy-avoidance or religious reasons)?
We apologise - special diet meals and tailored menus cannot be provided. You can bring a packed lunch but must discuss this with us first.
Q4. Do you have any information on the caterer's food safety controls with regard to how they are sourcing and checking their food?
We are happy to send parents a lunch sample menu from Kiwi Kitchens and also a note regarding the source of many ingredients.
Q5. How much are meals and snacks?

Kiwi Kitchen is our food caterer for each meal/snack set based upon booked attendance days.

Regular size meal/snack set: ¥720

Large size meal/snack set: ¥972

Payment and arrangements are made direct to our caterer and this is a non-profit service that we provide for families. If a family cancels their enrolment at the school, at any time, they must liaise with Kiwi Kitchens regarding possibility of a meal refund.

Q6. Will you let us know how much our child has eaten daily?

If your child is in our youngest age group, and they are new to us, please discuss with us your requirements.

For older children - We do not have a formal daily feedback system in Summer School, however we will always let you know if your child was hungrier than usual, refused to eat or appeared unwell.

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Q1. How much is your Summer School?
Please see our Fees Information Page
Q2. What happens if my child misses school, or if we are away for sickness?

Make-ups are offered, however:
- You must give us 24 hours notice in writing (to the office).
- All make-ups must be used by the end of the Summer School and cannot be carried over.
- Unfortunately, we cannot give make-ups or services in lieu if we do not have this notice period, without exception.

If you have paid and need to cancel we are afraid it is our policy to retain fees- without exception


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