Summer School 2019

WEEK 1 - July 15th to 20th

Hawaii Surfing Week

Let's kick off the summer at the beach. Grab your surfboard and head down to the shore. It's time for an adventure in the sand. Surf's up...Kspace style!

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WEEK 2 - July 22nd to 27th

South American Adventure Week

The season is here for some real adventure and we're ready to explore with you. Role play hiking through Aztec ruins, learn about amazing folk art, and sing around the campfire with some Spanish guitar.

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WEEK 3 - July 29th to August 3rd

African Safari Week

Listen closely as we hear the elephants stomping, lions roaring, and jungle animals scurrying along. It's a fantastic romp through astounding Africa.

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WEEK 4 - August 5th to August 10th

Scandinavian Scouting Week

Put on your viking helmets and join Kokomo and all of his friends aboard the Kspace longboat as we set sail into the Scandinavian sunset in search of wild adventure and meeting cute woodland creatures of magical forests.

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WEEK 5 - August 12th to 17th

Indian Excursion Week

Namaste! As our summer begins to wind down, let's take a trip to the Himalayas and soak up some incredible Indian culture, artwork, and delicious cooking.

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WEEK 6 & WEEK 7 - Special Summer Extension Programme

Global Art Explorers

If you are not ready for the summer to end, then don't worry: Kspace has a programme for any family that needs an extension plan. Our Global Art Explorers get an extra 10 days of super star summer fun.

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