About Us

Kspace International School has been a haven for happy, inquisitive learners since 2001. Our warm and welcoming environment enables all our guests and students to expand their horizons through early academics, creative arts, music, geography, drama and role play and more...all in a vibrant and colourful English-speaking setting. We have offered our popular spring, summer and winter seasonal progammes for almost two decades and we continue to go from strength to strength - providing children with the very best quality care, attention and educational fun in the holidays, and supporting parents. We have schooled thousands of children from all over the world, and we are waiting for you.

We are located in an easily accessible, safe, quiet corner of Tokyo, surrounded by leafy avenues and beautiful greenery. Drop-offs and collections are easy, parents have places to shop if needed and there are some great restaurants and cafes in our locale. Make this summer memorable for you and your child and book with summer school at Kspace!

Our Mission

To create a scholastic haven where balance of play, academic study, the arts, and physical activity are embraced and delivered, optimising each child's chance for happiness and excellence.

What makes our Summer School great?

Each week we present a wide array of activities for all ages and from painting, to phonics games, to sports, and play on the roof, we offer an opportunity to break into the season and whole new world of fun.

Our Team


Everything that we do is designed with happiness as a base. This alone makes parenting and the road to personal achievement both memorable and rewarding .

juliet's photoJuliet is originally from London, England, and mother to three lovely children. She has been in Japan for 25 years. After Developing the popular “Baby and Me” classes, Juliet has worked non-stop to create the very best international preschool and kindergarten in the city.
Juliet has a degree in psychology and background in education. She is also a certified baby massage teacher and baby gymnastics teacher. She continues to work with child education consultants and psychologists (in the UK, USA and Australia) to expand the programmes available at the school, and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.


Teachers' photo

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Our faculty are a youthful, creative, musically and artistically gifted group of highly motivated teachers whose energy and skills enliven the school and classroom. Their diverse backgrounds, colourful personalities and expertise in education are motivating and effective for children.


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