Kspace Party Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


Q. What ages do you cater for?

Ages 1 to 100!
We can arrange any type of party for any age at all! Baby Birthday Parties for little 1 year olds are slightly different as content/food arrangements need to be adjusted. Ask us for details

Q. How many children can attend?

The maximum amount of children that we can have in a party is 30. Please check the party package prices as additional fees may be incurred. Also, the ‘optional extras’ fees are fixed for specific numbers and will change with large groups.

Q. Do parents have to stay?

Please discuss details with us. Our mid-pandemic general rules are:
a) Up to two adults/parents/guardians must stay at all times and closely supervise the children at all times.
b) Children are not allowed to wander around the school (assisted or unassisted) and adults will need to assist at all toilet and feeding times.
c) Only 2 adults are permitted inside the school during parties mid-pandemic and we follow the Tokyo Govt. Guidelines or/and our School health and safety current policies re. mask wearing.
-Kspace Party Team members do not generally take the children to the toilet, wash hands, feed assist children etc. If you need additional adults to monitor very young children, you must request this at the time of booking the party.
-We have a standard code of behaviour for visiting guests to the school. Any damage or breakages to our materials and equipment must generally be covered by visitors.

Q. Do you only offer Birthday Parties?

NO! You can hold anything from Baby Showers to Communion/Bar Mitzvah after-parties and Quinceañeras at Kspace!
Although we are a Birthday Party Service we also invite parents to have their own adult party in our space whilst we entertain their children, arrange catering, and loan our entertainment units and equipment. Fees for this service vary. Please enquire for details

Q. What days can I have a party?

Please contact us with your needs and clearly state at least two options for your party date and time. We will get back to you with our school and party timetable.

Q. How far ahead do I have to book?

Naturally, we prefer to have as much notice as possible, but please contact us and we will always try to help. Flexibility helps! If you wish to book a party very far ahead we will still ask for a deposit of 50% to secure your date.

Q. How do I book?

Please read through Party Plans and Party Themes pages. If you are interested in catering, please read our Catering information. Then complete as many details on this form as you can and we will get back to you. We can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs if you want to go ahead

Q. Do you have a date availability calendar online?

Sorry, we don't but we can tell you very quickly how we can help you if you contact us via this form


Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?

In order to secure the date for your party we require a 50% deposit. Planning cannot go ahead until we have this.
Please read full policies here

Q. Can I cancel?

Yes, but charges may be incurred. Please read full policies here

Q. Does the fee include children’s goody/party bags as gifts for guests?

No, at present we do not offer this as a service

Q. Do you have any special offers?

a) We advise that you book the Kokomo Maxi Plan for great value as there various fun ‘additional extras’ already built into the package price.
b) You can save 10,000 yen if you book a video through us and allow us to feature it on our web gallery
c) Instead of booking extra balloon services individually, you can receive a special price if you book all 3 options!
d) Video invites are usually 25,000yen but if you book Star Wars or Frozen they are just 10,000!


Q. Can I come to see the school/facility before I book?

Yes! Please join us for a school tour, to meet our team and chat about your party! Complete our enquiry form and add in the ‘notes’ any date you wish to visit, and we will get back to you

Q. Where are your parties held?

In the lovely building of Kspace International School Shirokanedai Tokyo.

Q. Where is the nearest parking?

Coin parking is available very close to the facility, along Platinum Dori, Shirokane.
Guests may drop off children/guests by car if they stop (very briefly, with hazard lights on) outside the school, and bring them up to the Reception. In accordance to Tokyo Metropolitan regulations, stopping a car is not allowed on the main road.
If you come by bike please store your bike neatly outside our window on the ground floor, without blocking any exit doors.
If you need extra help please ask us.

Q. What rooms can we use for our party?

We have a beautiful multi-floored building. Please double check your party zones with us when you have your 1-1 party consultation. Here are examples:
Kokomo’s Mini Package: RECEPTION ROOM, GYM (first floor) and 2nd floor (used for party food time and art activities).
Kokomo’s Maxi Package: RECEPTION ROOM, GYM (first floor), 2nd flr (party food time/art activities), 3rd flr (has stage and special flooring) and our roof area for outdoor games and themed parties e.g. swimming/water play football and ninja (weather permitting).
Optional extras like Cooking and Magic take place on the 3rd floor.

Q. What toilet facilities do you have?

We have 2 toilets on every floor, except for ground floor, but basement toilets can also be used (with an adult assistant). The toilets and basins are designed to be child-friendly. There are sinks on every floor.

Q. Do you have baby changing/feeding areas?

We have a designated space on the lower school floor for baby changing. Parents should bring their own nappies, wet wipes etc. but we can dispose of the waste.
NOTE: Please let us know if your party child has sibling or tiny guests that need us to prepare the changing area.
Children 12 months and over are counted as a party guest.

Q. Where are buggies and bikes etc stored?

You may place them neatly outside on the right hand side of our gate/window at the bottom.
Bikes - park outside the large window of the school on ground floor.
We ask your guests kindly to store all buggies and bikes very close to the window and not to block the pathway at all as we are in a residential area.
NOTE: Do not block the main window of the school, as this is an emergency exit.

Q. Do you have a place for the children’s presents?

We can arrange tables for the presents to be placed on and on the other side tables can be used for your party bags etc. We ask that parents set this up or you can ask for our assistance, dependant upon the details included in your party.

Q. Where are all coats and personal belongings stored?

Usually in our Reception/Waiting Room. We have one bench seat that we can layer coats on. It is better if parents do not bring in lots of personal belongings etc.