Kspace Party Policies

Booking Confirmation

Enquiries/bookings can be made by phone, online or in person. We will send you a confirmation mail when all party details are complete.
Reservations must be confirmed with payment of 50% of the total fee (deadline payment date will be marked in your Kspace invoice).

The remaining 50% of the fee will normally be due two weeks prior to the party but this might change depending on the amount of preparation necessary to host the party (payment date will be marked in your Kspace invoice).


You may pay in cash at the Kspace International School Reception Office, Shirokane, or by bank transfer. Bank details will be marked on your invoice.


Kspace is spacious but we advise that your party has 20 - 25 children or less (see our party plans). We ask that you let us know your exact numbers and update us accordingly if you expect more. There will be an extra charge for guests that exceed your party plan limit.

Large parties require additional party leaders (staff) in order to offer excellence of service and to ensure safety. Please discuss party details in full with us directly.
NOTE: If you invite extra guests to the party after booking, please inform us, even if it is on the day of the party.


Cancellations are accepted in writing only.
Cancellation by telephone will be acknowledged, but they are invalid unless followed up by anemail, with an acknowledgment of receipt. Please inform us if you wish to fully cancel or re-book for a different date/time.

Following receipt of your email we will contact you directly and discuss a new date/your cancellation charge etc. Cancellation charges are calculated as below.  

Cancellation Charges

  1. A - Cancellation 6 weeks and over prior to the party date:

25,000JPY Admin Fee taken from your deposit - remainder returned.

  1. B - Cancellation 3 to 6 weeks prior:

40,000JPY  Admin Fee taken from your deposit - the remainder will be returned. 

  1. C - Cancellations received 7 to 21 days prior to the party date will result in retention of 50% of the total fee.

  1. D - Cancellations received a week prior to the party date will result in 75% of the actual party fee retained by Kspace.

  1. E - Cancellations received on the actual day of the party will result in 100% of the fee retained by Kspace.

  1. F - An Admin Fee of 20,000yen will be charged if the party date is rescheduled. 

Important Notes:

Policy is upheld without exception, including times of bad/extreme weather conditions. 

Date-Change Policy

Once you have confirmed the date with your 50% deposit, your party is booked. We do not guarantee that we can offer you an alternative date but we will try our best.

Altering a date is regarded as cancellation of the original date and booking a new date. Cancellation fees above will apply unless you are a) within a two-month advance date of the party and b) a new date can be arranged.

Cancellations by Kspace

In the event that Kspace is officially closed due to extreme weather conditions/natural disaster, we will do our best to inform you as soon as we can and assist in informing your guests (if possible). Your deposited funds will be returned in full, or you may reschedule your party for a later date (subject to availability).

In the unlikely event that Kspace must cancel on the date for any other reason, all funds will be returned and we will assist you all we can to communicate with guests, re-plan and reschedule. 

Magic Show or Guest Performers

Although we do our very best to ensure things run perfectly, in the event that our guest performers cannot attend we will:

-(Before the party date) - Inform you and offer an alternative from our range of talents and services. A refund for the exact performance fee will be offered, however, we cannot offer a refund for any other part of the fee or cancel a party for this reason.  

-(On day of party) – The party leaders that we have booked can work very well to cover most types of acts and all entertainers have their own unique skills. We keep provisions at the school for most performances. We will do everything we can to offer a fantastic experience of a similar nature. Full refund for the guest performance/magic show will be returned, however, the general party fee will remain unaltered and we cannot cancel a party for this reason.  

Food & Beverage

When arranging food for you party you may:

  • Use our ‘Kokomo’s Party Food Package’ and our Kspace Party Team can book catering, provide snacks, drinks etc.
  • Choose your own outside caterer.
  • Bring your own food.

See more details here: http://kspacetokyo.org/party/party-catering.php

Or contact us with specific questions http://kspacetokyo.org/party/enquiry.php

Cancellations for Kokomo’s Party Food Package must come directly to Kspace in writing and we must receive notice at least two weeks in advance of the party date, or the fee will be charged in part or full.

Birthday Cake information can be found here: http://kspacetokyo.org/party/birthday-cakes.php


Alcohol on the premises is controlled.
Please contact us directly if you wish to provide alcohol for your adult guests (as a toast etc).
Guests who are driving must not drink alcohol.

Food Allergies

If you are booking catering through us, you must let us know of any children/parent allergies in order that we can plan.

Although we do all we can to alleviate risks, we cannot offer a guarantee that food does/will not contain minor trace of allergens or that it has been prepared in an allergen-free environment. Guests are advised to use their discretion and parents/patrons of children with allergies are entirely responsible for their child whilst on our premises.

If you are catering (or you hire a caterer) you may not bring any nuts or nut products into the school.

Children requiring an Epi-Pen

Children with extreme allergies should always attend with a member of their family who is capable of administering the Epi-pen or other drug designed for allergic reactions. The guardian must have a date-valid Epi-Pen with them when entering the premises and be aware of the inherent risks inside the school and from the foods available, prior to joining the party. In the event that a guest experiences an allergic reaction, we will assist as much as we can and attempt to isolate the incident/call emergency services and help the attending parent/guardian.



Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere inside or around the premises and we kindly ask guests to refrain from smoking outside our entrance. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 


Insurance for damage and breakage to Kspace property and equipment is not covered within your party fee. All costs of repair or replacement to Kspace property or equipment, caused by the Client or guests, must be financially covered by the Client.


Parents and guests are required to abide by the Tokyo Metropolitan Traffic Law regarding stopping/parking their vehicle. Stopping within a five minute period for offloading goods may be allowed if the vehicle is supervised and has hazard lights on, however parking is prohibited.

Parents who visit us by car are advised to us coin parking, which is available at various sites along Platinum Dori.

Emergencies & Evacuation

All children on the premises during parties are the responsibility of the adults within the party group, however our Kspace Team will head any emergency evacuation procedures and we kindly ask that adults and children attending parties, functions as guests must carefully follow the Kspace Team Member’s requests.

Details of our evacuation areas will be forwarded to you in your Party Pack as soon as your booking is officially confirmed. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with details prior to the party date and please feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about the safety features and exits that we have at the school.

Most Kspace Team Members have received their Emergency First Response certification or are holding similar First Aid awards – however, if you are concerned about this, please check with us.

Thank you everyone and …..let’s party!!