Personalised Video Invites


Our amazing invites are the best way to impress your guests and let them know that you are holding a birthday party to remember!

Video invites
Completely wow your guests with our fun personalized video invites! We create a special atmosphere for your party and take the invite off of the page to create a mini-filmed invitation to your child’s party. If you have chosen a theme we will try our best to include it plus any props, music and costumes that are appropriate.
Enquire for details

How to Order?
Please give us time as we need to create the invite and then you must have time to send it and receive RSVPs
Let us know your theme (if you have one/have chosen a theme party)
If you want to feature a still headshot of your child in the movie as a one-shot frame please send us 4 or 5 very good quality photos of them.
We add music/background and one staff member acting a part or giving a spoken invite.
We add the name of your child, their birthday/age and party date & time


  • We will create one video for you and send it for approval. Unfortunately due to time and budget restraints we cannot usually add extra footage or make amendments/changes within the specified fee. If you would like a longer or more detailed video invite please discuss your budget and needs with us.
  • The video takes one week to create so please give us at least one to two week’s notice
  • Some content may be protected by copyright and we review every request case-by-case
  • If we have a working video template of a theme already we can simply add your child’s name etc and will try to offer special prices in this case