About Kspace Parties

Hi! I’m Kokomo the Kspace mascot – welcome to our party space!
We love inviting children and their guests to enjoy birthdays and special occasions with us. We have great themes and schemes to suit everyone, so if you don’t see your preferred theme or party package, just let us know!

Please enjoy looking through our website and gallery, and let’s get together to plan a party that your child, group, or organisation will remember with a smile!

What makes Kspace the perfect place to have your party?

Fantastic location:

Easy access for guests/public transport or car, space to offload belongings and pack away presents etc.


  • Hundreds of successful parties held and fantastic testimonials available.
  • Able to cater for ages 1 to 10 years old!
  • Excellent reputation as a first-class party service.
  • Unique and magical ideas for themes and party plans.

Party Leaders:

  • All our party team are humorous, charismatic and highly experienced.
  • Wide range of skills, ability and organizational skills.
  • Musically and artistically gifted
  • Hold the children’s attention and manage the group
  • Professional magician/scientist and entertainers available
  • Safety minded and trained in evacuation preparedness


Prior to your themed-party we will discuss with you our level of input and help with all details according to your needs. Our aim is to make the party children and guests can walk into an area that ‘wows’ them! Depending on your requirements/budget, our team can prepare the walls, walkways and activity areas to match your theme with high quality backdrops that all children (and parents) will love!

Materials & Party Equipment:

  • Wide range of art materials.
  • Activities that can add content including cooking, jewellery making and many other crafts.
  • Kid’s karaoke machine, drums and musical instruments
  • Mini-pro gym (for pre-arranged obstacle courses)
  • Costumes/props for dress-up.
  • Projector for movies and presentations.
  • Wide range of children’s movies, music, science equipment and educational tools, if needed.   


  • Book – Plan – Invite - Sit back and enjoy!

We will:

  • Offer you themes to suit your budget from the massive selection we have, or we can create new ones to suit your requirements.
  • Develop party games and activities
  • Create a party invite (available in both video, email and print to suit budget)
  • Order all food for you and help with your cake, if required
  • Assist with decoration
  • Deliver a stunning party
  • Video and photograph the party
  • Clean up afterwards!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE - we work to the budget and plan that you choose


Our building is a trendy, beautiful, architect-designed building that undergoes constant maintenance to ensure high standards throughout. Spacious, light, airy rooms that can be themed to choice and one to five floors (dependent upon your party plan). Areas include; reception to greet guests, provision to store coats/bags, fully equipped soft gym, a stage (with room for performances), space for artistic exploration, classrooms, child and adult toilets, refrigerators, microwave and basins, green roof-area that is great for outdoor games and fun!


Our property has regular and stringent safety audits, fire drills, and has been architecturally evaluated post-major-earthquake to ensure the structure is sound. Safety and evacuation features are fitted throughout with many fire exits and state-of-the-art safety chutes. All gym and mini-pro gym equipment is recently purchased, high quality and sturdy. Kspace staff members are fully trained in safety evacuation procedures and most are first aid trained.