Science Show & Experiment

The Kspace Science Show might look like magic but as the children will quickly learn "It's not magic, it's science!" The show content can be amended for children of many ages, but we recommend ages 3+ Years

Our resident boffins entertain our young scientists with a funny and interactive show, involving experiments with inertia, water tension, electricital and chemical reactions. From flying water to levitating orbs - the science show has enough fun and laughs to keep all ages enthralled. Furthermore they will all get a chance to do some hands-on science for themselves.


The science boffin or our special 'Dr.' introduces himself and gets the children in a good mood. This takes the form of a performance style intro and gets the guests laughing.

The Science show usually includes one experiment but this is based upon discussion with or party parent. Previous experiments have included:

The Great Construction Challenge - After a brief engineering lesson we set the challenge of constructing the tallest and strongest tower from some very unusual building materials.

Blast Off - The children will learn a bit about propulsion and after experimenting with rockets of their own it's time to launch a real rocket from our roof.

I Believe I Can Fly - How can we make something levitate using the power of static electricity? This is the question we will be answering in one of our most entertaining experiments.

Changing States of Matter - Taking a look at what goes on when water changes from solid, liquid and gas. We finish this class with everyone making gas filled bubbles as we experiment with dry ice.