Cup Cake Decorating

Children’s eyes sparkle when presented with undecorated cupcakes and a rainbow of buttercream icings, sprinkles, and edible glitter!

You have the option of:

1. Decorating cupcakes and having them served as a snack during the party
2. Each child gets to take home the decorated cupcake that they have made!

Dress for success!
Kspace Kokomo professional style chef aprons and hats are available to *wear during the party.

Baking Note:

Due to fire safety restrictions we do not have an oven on site. The cupcakes are ready-cooked and the children decorate them.

Please check with your guests if there are any children who have any form of allergy or special diet. If you would like to order specially made cupcakes that are cooked to dietary exceptions this may affect the service fee, so please inquire directly.

Birthday Party Decorating Cakes