Cooking Party


If you have time in your party plan why not add a fantastic activity that all children love - cooking! At Kspace we run lots of great extracurricular cookery class for children so we are experts at getting them involved and guiding them through easy but fun recipes.

Baking Note:
Due to fire safety restrictions we do not have an oven on site so we offer parents a selection of cooking activities that are either no-bake or where we can carry out the prep and the decoration of a project. For example; fruit salads, no-bake cookies, fajitas (filling pre-made shells) and cup cake decorating.

With cakes/cookies the children have loads of fun with our puppet chef and they love to weigh and mix the ingredients, then we have a 'magic oven' (made from an art piece) and out pops the finished product, ready to be decorated!

Art Cookery
Or how about something different? We can also create large scale cakes to be decorated in art materials! The children have just as much fun doing this and parents love it too as it looks fantastic in photos!


Please check with your guests if there are any children who have any form of allergy or special diet.

Aprons and even fun chef's hats (limited amount) are provided by Kspace but children may get messy!

Cooking Themed Party