Birthday Party Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Every birthday needs a great cake or two!
If you don't wish to provide a cake from home please ask for our help! We can pass your order over to a cake maker for a fee, or you can order directly from one of the companies that we can refer you to, who will:

  • Discuss budget and design with you
  • Create a cake/cakes of your choice
  • Provide the candles

For American style character Birthday cakes we use a company called Kyle’s Good Finds:


Cakes must be ordered from and paid directly to Kyle’s at least 2 weeks in advance for basic character order, more time may be needed for volume and complicated designs. Kyle’s will deliver direct to Kspace before the party

Note: Kyle can also cater a soul food menu by special request and may be able to cater a party menu. 


Bella’s Tokyo provide a range of sophisticated cakes with a higher price:
Bella cannot deliver cakes to Kspace currently. Please discuss your birthday cake needs with them directly.