Summer School Weekly Themes

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Children 14 months to 8 years old: 7 weeks of Summer School fun!

Week 1 - July 13th to 18th
Dolittle Talks to the Animals

Let's get summer started! This week we enjoy an introduction to Dr. Dolittle and his menagerie of furry friends. One of Dolittle's amazing talents is his ability to talk with all animals - imagine that! We investigate the fascinating ways that animals communicate and learn about the world around them. We'll look at animal senses and discover amazing eyes, ears, noses, antennae and cute whiskers. From under the sea to above the earth, barks to biological sonar, the children will love stepping into the realm of animals and the slightly crazy Dr. Dolittle!

Week 2 - July 21st to 25th
Dr. Dolittle's Tales of Kings and Queens

When Dr. Dolittle's fame spreads throughout the kingdom even the Queen needs his help. Dolittle and his merry band of friends set sail across the seas, and on his journey meet kings and queens, discover castles and palaces, food fit for royalty and luxury travel. On our journey we'll take a look back in history at emperors and pharaohs, find out all about how to stay healthy, search for our very own magic potions and create crests, crowns, jewels and regal trinkets of our very own.

Week 3 - July 27th to August 1st
Dolittle & The Magic Garden!

This week Dolittle has a huge surprise in store! Whilst searching for a special flower in a beautiful garden he breathes in a wonderful scent and suddenly he becomes small...really, really small! We'll be learning about plants, moths/butterflies, other bugs and of course the fabulous bee. Children will have fun and games creating large obstacles to represent 'giant things' in the gym, and our art projects will be super-sized! Whilst seeing the world from our friends the Bugs' perspective we'll look at the importance of eco-awareness.

Week 4 - August 3rd to 8th
Dr. Dolittle’s Amazing Creatures Week

Animals are wonderful! They help us, they need us, and they constantly amaze us! This week we enjoy finding out about the way that animals and humans can work in harmony, learning about everything from postal pigeons to rescue dogs. We wow the children with a look at some of the magnificent beasts on Earth, endangered animals and conservation, and the valuable work of vets. We learn how trustworthy furry friends can help us to find a special potion and ingredient to help a sickly queen with their brilliant noses, and then how a whole team of strong dogs can help guide and pull us all the way back to England to finish our task. The week wouldn't be complete without allowing our imaginations to run free and we discover mythical creatures like unicorns, dragons, giant snails and other cool critters!

Week 5 - August 10th to 15th
Dr. Dolittle to the Moon

To wind-down our themed summer of adventure, our time wouldn't be complete without a trip into space! Dr. Dolittle will show the children how to navigate via the stars and how Earth and other planets look from afar. With telescopes and an imaginary trip to an observatory we'll plan our massive journey, enjoying the sounds of the solar system and anti-gravity games on the way. We will talk about wonder-ful Earth and everything we need for life, as well as meeting some new friends! The children will create wild alien artscapes and we'll end the themed summer period with a very special finale party with our very own alien family, the Kokos!

Summer School Extension
Weeks 6 & 7 - August 19th to August 28th
Art & Craft Fiesta

If you're not ready for the summer to end, then don't worry: Kspace has a special extension plan that allows children to enjoy and learn right up to the end of August. Our Art & Craft Fiesta provides 10 days of summer fun, balancing creative and academic activities.

Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th closed
Saturday 22nd & 29th - Saturday variety themes

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