Summer School Weekly Themes

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Week 1 - July 14th
Sound: A ripple in time and space

Explore how humans, animals and forces in nature transmit and receive sound waves. We will examine the unique biological components that allow different species – like bats, whales and dolphins – to communicate, and experiment with the strength of sound to make our own sonic cannons. Together, we will also ponder the age-old question of observation and perception: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Week 2 - July 21st
Of Strength and Sparkles

Even before the creation of the periodic table, way back in the 1800s, the laws of physics and chemistry were still of great importance. Using engineering, maths and art, we will build our own castles and catapults that harness stress and strain and test the kinetic energy of our designs. After growing our own crystals, we’ll protect our precious stones in medieval castles before seeing if they can withstand the forces of the catapult battle.

Week 3 - July 28th
Cool science for a warming world

The Young Dolittles are the next generation of environmentalists, conservationists and world leaders. This week we’ll all be keeping it cool with the science behind ice. What causes ice to melt? How can we use our knowledge of the water cycle to make bottle volcanoes explode? The chemical (but safe) messy fun will continue as we will make our very own homemade ice-cream.

Week 4 - August 4th
Are unicorns real? An introduction to the scientific method

What makes us unique? Besides everyone’s magnificent and diverse personalities, we will look at the DNA and differences between species – from humans to animals, plants to fungi, and more. We will even imagine how mythical creatures could exist, what their genetic makeup would be, their literal footprint and who their animal ancestors could be. While mermaids and dragons might be things of the imagination, we will use science to show how our own imaginations can be tricked into seeing, feeling and experiencing real magic.

Weeks 5 - August 11th
Young Dolittles head to the moon

Exploring space! It’s actual rocket science. We will put our Kspace-spin on two iconic STEM challenges, inspired by the NASA Young Engineers Programme – dropping eggs from the roof safely to the ground and building a pressure rocket. The students will build and launch rockets, perfecting their projectiles with fins, parachutes and a powerful launching mechanism. By studying weight, drag, gravity, thrust and momentum, the students will get hands on with rocket science and the fact that what goes up must come down.

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