Summer Meals

Catered from Monday to Friday cost @¥720 (regular) or ¥900 (large) per attendance day. This includes one early morning snack and lunch, plus fruit tub.

The selection of meals is determined by the caterer and can be found online when you create an account.

Catered School Meals PDF – Read Here

If your child is staying all day you can also order an extra afternoon snack online.

Parents whose children stay for the full extension period (until 7.00pm) can also order an additional evening meal from the caterer.


a) Orders must be placed on the Thursday BEFORE the week you are ordering for.

b) If you miss the ordering deadline please provide your child with a packed lunch that is prepared strictly within our food code.

c) We have children at the school with fatal allergies and if you send in food that is dangerous we must throw it away.

d) Uneaten food cannot be saved in doggy bags and will be thrown away. We do not pass feedback on how much children have eaten daily (unless they are unwell).

If you experience any problems please email Andrew at Kiwi Kitchen:


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a) Saturday meals are not suitable for children with some specific allergies.

b) Orders must be placed in advance and received by the Saturday you are attending at 9.00am.

c) If you miss the ordering deadline please provide your child with a packed lunch that is prepared strictly within our food code.


Kspace provides the meals on Saturdays.

Cost: 880yen for a mid-morning snack and lunch.
An additional afternoon snack is available @330yen
*Prices are inclusive of Tax

Food Selection: Snack: No choice available. The snack is biscuits and fruit. This varies daily.

Lunch: Online, you will have a choice of three options:

  • Tomato/cheese pasta
  • Carbonara Pasta with steamed vegetables
  • Chicken nuggets and rice
Plus a mixed fruit salad

July 16th to August 15th - You have the option to send packed meals

August 17th & 18th - Closed

Midweek dates from August 19th to 28th - All children must have mandatory need catered meals. These must be ordered from the caterer BY:

Thursday August 13th (for the week 19th onwards)

Thursday August 20th (for the week 24th onwards

If you send packed lunches you will need this below for the regular programme hours:

  • 1 x early morning snack
  • 1 x lunch
  • Plenty of water (2 bottles of water or even a 2ltr bottle if your child drinks a lot (for a full day), labelled with your child’s name).
  • 1 x afternoon snack if your child is staying on for after-school

Extension Periods

Breakfast Club (7.00am to 9.00am)

You can send in your own breakfast, we do not cater. All food sent into Kspace MUST adhere to our Prohibited Foods List

Afternoon Programme Only (classes from 3.00pm onwards)

Children can bring a snack. They must also bring drinking water in a labeled drinking bottle with their name clearly written.

Extension (5.00pm to 7.00pm)

Please provide a snack from home
Provide water



All nuts (including but not limited to peanuts, cashews, almonds and pine nuts) Nut products (e.g. pastry containing ground almonds)/nut oils Sesame Milk & yogurt drinks.

Eggs, some egg derivatives

ALL drinks except water - children are only allowed water in their drinking bottles.






Small jellies that are a choking hazard Kimchee, Garlic and other foods with strong odours (natto, curried food, various cheeses, fermented foods etc)

Food that is highly perishable

Some children are allergic to other substances or food sources (honey, gluten, wheat etc) and it is mandatory that parents inform us of these allergies. These items will not to be added to our prohibited foods due to incidence of use at the school.

Click here to read Kspace Prohibited Foods List

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