Summer School Weekly Themes

WEEK 5 - August 12th to 17th

Indian Excursion Week

Namaste! Hold onto your hats, grab your passports and don’t forget your tickets for the very last leg of our journey where we travel by balloon, train, bike, light-aircraft and elephant across India, and with our Sherpas into the Himalayas. Kokomo will lead us into some awesome art and curry cooking sessions. We will search for treasures of the Taj Mahal. What will Kokomo find on his travels? Your child will create their own special adventure.

On Friday and Saturday we round off our regular Summer School with some wonderful wizardry and magic, and quality time spent with our beloved Harry Potter and the students of Hogwarts. Harry and his team will wow us with some spooky spell recipes, all sorts of magic in the classrooms and some Hogwarts fun and games.

Here is a small selection of activities from the week. For a more specific overview for your child’s age group please contact us:

General Activities

  • - Vegetarian curry, chai, and lassis (lots of yummy recipes!)
  • - Elephant maths games
  • - Rooftop treasure hunt
  • - Stories about the Yeti and other Indian legends
  • - Mystical gods and characters
  • - Watercolour scenery painting
  • - Chess (invented in India)(older groups)
  • - Cricket matches


  • - Bollywood style plus Classical Indian dance
  • - Drum and percussion workshops
  • - Stick dances
  • - Kid’s yoga
  • - Musical chairs with Tintin and Professor Haddock
  • - Listening and learning about the sitar

Arts & Crafts

  • - Mandalas & rangolis
  • - Papier-mâché Himalayas
  • - Design and build your own Taj Mahal (older children)
  • - Indian shadow puppets and a mini puppet theatre
  • - Block printing on paper and textiles
  • - Making paper star lamps and hanging decorations
  • - Elephant-head Ganesha masks
  • - Henna hand painting
  • - 3D tigers
  • - Peacock crafts

Science & Knowledge of the World

  • - Explore Mt. Everest and Kathmandu
  • - Learn all about animals of India and Nepal
  • - Look at the geography of the countries
  • - Vegetarianism across the countries (older children)
  • - Animals diets and digestion (older children)
  • - Facts about India’s mathematicians and discoveries (older children)
  • - Buddhism in India (older children)
  • - Rocks/geology (older children)
  • - Science games (older children)

Highlight Days

  • - August 12th - Mountain Day
  • - August 16th - End of summer school party

*Huge art projects, snacks, drinks and massive bubbles dance party in the gym.

*Schedules and planned activities may sometimes change due to weather, students’ requests/needs and simply because our teachers have so many fantastic ideas!

See example of a basic daily structure here
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