Summer School Weekly Themes

WEEK 4 - August 5th to August 10th

Scandinavian Scouting Week

Välkommen till Skandinavien!

We're including the beautiful countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland under our Nordic umbrella of ‘Scandinavia’ who better to show us the way than loveable Moomin and his friends.

Topics are fresh and exciting, with a huge range from Hans Christian Andersen, Tolkien, Moomin and Pippi Longstocking to Lego.

As well as some wild adventures with Vikings and magic monsters, our older children will also take a look at some Scandinavian styling through the eyes of some of the best textile designers. The children will have great fun dining at a Viking style buffet and doing karaoke with ABBA ☺

Here is a small selection of activities from the week. For a more specific overview for your child’s age group please contact us:

General Activities

  • - Magical forest myths
  • - Scandinavian story time
  • - Lego fun
  • - Viking banquet halls
  • - Cooking Swedish meatballs
  • - Learning about the viking voyage to North America
  • - The lives and stories Hans Christian Andersen and J.R. Tolkien
  • - Cook/decorate an all-class Kransekake cake! (older groups)
  • - Learning about Scandinavian food (YES, they eat raw fish too!)
  • - Moomins, Hobbits and other famous characters and legends


  • - ABBA disco dance and karaoke sessions
  • - Drums and flute music of the Sami tribes
  • - Chants of the Sami
  • - Viking music – rowing songs, bagpipes, harps, and flutes (older groups)

Arts & Crafts

  • - Viking Helmets and swords
  • - Huge Viking longboat art project
  • - Moomin clay craft
  • - Designing patterns for textiles in the style of Marimekko (older groups)
  • - Write our name in runes

Science & Knowledge of the World

  • - Geography, flags and people
  • - Build boats from many materials (buoyancy)
  • - Scandinavian daymarks (telling time without a clock – older groups)
  • - Germ science (older groups)
  • - Charting the Viking voyages (older groups)
  • - Villages and houses in modern Scandinavia
  • - Learning about runes
  • - Weighing and measuring for strength with Pippi Longstocking
  • - Reindeer, wildlife, and climate (older groups)

*Schedules and planned activities may sometimes change due to weather, students’ requests/needs and simply because our teachers have so many fantastic ideas!

See example of a basic daily structure here
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