Summer School Weekly Themes

WEEK 3 – July 29th to August 3rd

African Safari Week

This week we need to get an early start as we are taking a trip to remember through some countries of amazing Africa! It’s going to be an experience of lifetime, learning about many different areas. The four age groups will have their own very elements to study – but all we will enjoy a fantastic range of tribal music, delicious food and some unforgettable art projects!

We will travel with Kokomo and his colourful friends, safari-style, with Mt. Kilimanjaro as our backdrop. We will look at natural wonders like Table Mountain and The Nile. The Pyramids will inspire us to think about ancient civilization. As we go from place to place with our passports, the children will start to build a picture of the fantastic diversity of this wonderful continent, its people and animals.

Here is a small selection of activities from the week. For a more specific overview for your child’s age group please contact us:

General Activities

  • - PE: long jump in the sand. Maasai high jumping, balancing skills, skipping, and hula hoop games
  • - Studying village and tribal life (older children)
  • - Role play - safari, jungle fun, and treasure hunt
  • - Cooking: Moroccan cous cous and other yummy dishes


  • - Lion King songs
  • - African drumming and djembe
  • - Tribal dancing
  • - Arabic rhythms
  • - Chants
  • - Sufi twirling

Arts & Crafts

  • - Animal masks
  • - African beadwork and jewelry making
  • - African costumes
  • - Learn about natural dyes from berries and other fantastic things in nature (older groups)
  • - Making large animal puppets (older groups)

Science & knowledge of the world

  • - Flora and fauna throughout Africa
  • - African Architecture square and round houses and ancient construction like pyramids (older groups)
  • - Using coordinates to find locations on a map
  • - Look at bones of dinosaurs found in Africa (older groups)
  • - Learn about life in places with little water (older groups)
  • - Looking at natural resources precious stones and minerals, petroleum, coffee (older groups)
  • - African playground games

*Schedules and planned activities may sometimes change due to weather, students’ requests/needs and simply because our teachers have so many fantastic ideas!

See example of a basic daily structure here
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