Summer School 2019

WEEK 2 - July 22nd to 27th

Hola Amigos! Let's go on a trip to South America.. Vamonos!!

South American Adventure Week

We'll spend a week fiestas, travelling to new places, enjoying the magic of the Valley of Incas, the Amazon Rain Forests, and lots more. Some of the objectives of this theme are to locate South America on the map, and learn a little about some of the countries and their weather. As we trek through the rainforest, we will collect information about animals and plants. We will celebrate great South American culture, food, customs and music.

Here is a small selection of activities from the week. For a more specific overview for your child’s age group please contact us:

General Activities

  • - Role play - Mexican colours parade / Mexican treasure hunt
  • - 'Guess what's in the backpack memory activities'
  • - Cooking - avocado smash / veggie quesadillia / honey bread and bananas
  • - Magical treks over mountains, through the rainforest and across the desert
  • - Soccer
  • - Conservation discussion: rare species (older children) and special animals (young children)
  • - Sports and games: Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • - Special pinata party day - older children can decorate a pinata and (with teachers help) smash it up to get treats


  • - Everyday-Brazilian music
  • - South American percussion
  • - Making maracas and rainmakers
  • - Using the cajon in circle time
  • - Brazilian steps and Mardi Gras ☺
  • - Pan Flute and sounds of South America (older children)

Arts & Crafts

  • - Pinatas
  • - Andes Mountains diorama
  • - Mexican and Aztec paper-plate sundials
  • - Rainforest/Amazon murals
  • - Massive anaconda snake craft!
  • - Inca masks, gold, figurines, and clay work
  • - Camouflage painting
  • - Creating our own Aztec hieroglyphs for the calendar (older groups)
  • - Introduction to basic weaving (older groups)

Science & Knowledge of the World

  • - Introduction to Spanish
  • - Animals of the rainforest and desert
  • - Create abd investigate: how do binoculars work?
  • - Using coordinates to find locations on the map
  • - Look at camouflage in nature
  • - Learn about the ecology of the rainforest canopy
  • - Circle of life from cocoon to butterfly (older groups)
  • - Looking at agriculture – quinoa, cocoa, coffee (older groups)
  • - Learn about lunar and solar calendar

*Schedules and planned activities may sometimes change due to weather, students’ requests/needs and simply because our teachers have so many fantastic ideas!

See example of a basic daily structure here
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