Summer School Weekly Themes

WEEK 1 - July 15th to 20th

Special Calendar Day
Monday, July 15th Ocean Day - Umi no Hi

Hawaii Surfing Week


We will get our toes in the sand and learn about beach life with our tropical-themed Summer School kick off! This involves craft projects, lively music and dance, and easy tropical recipes. Children love learning, creating, playing and relaxing with their friends under the sunshade, in the sand and pretending to surf.

Ho'olu komo la kaua!

General Activities

  • - Making and decorating ukeleles
  • - Ocean Art Day
  • - Making tropical necklaces (leis) or surfboards
  • - Seashell picture frames
  • - Coconut milk desert cooking / pineapple smoothie
  • - Science/sensory play - volcano fun / shaving foam lava play
  • - ‘Beach’ volleyball / coconut bowling game
  • - Role play: luau party-time / hula party
  • - Hawaiian treasure hunt


  • - Ukelele
  • - Elvis
  • - Tropical and surf sounds
  • - Hawaiian children’s songs
  • - Luau Dance
  • - Looking at the Triton or Cassis cornuta shells, what noises they make, and their cultural role
  • - Learning how a shell is ‘blown’


  • - Volcanoes
  • - Floating and sinking
  • - Sand activities
  • - Water activities
  • - Basic weights and measures
  • - Waves in a bottle
  • - Studying fruits and seeds

*Schedules and planned activities may sometimes change due to weather, students’ requests/needs and simply because our teachers have so many fantastic ideas!

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