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kspace Summer School 2020

Online Learning Classes

Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning

Parent & Child

Join Kokomo and a cast of the most entertaining Kspace teachers for online Parent & Child classes! Your children will love engaging in sing-alongs, games, exercise and conversation with our expert circle-time leaders. Let us help you to ensure your children's continued growth and well-being during this period at home. In these special sessions, you'll learn all the tunes and movements to interactive songs and even have a chance to talk to other parents and childhood experts about your experience and concerns.

We will take your child on a magical journey through a new theme or song every week. As well as music, expect to see puppets, props, costumes and books. Our teachers perform against a colourful themed-backdrops, adding to the excitement and magic.

Group Classes

Online Zoom courses offer a window into of our very best and most popular Aspace activities, from Science to Dance to Academic areas. Children ages 3 through upper elementary can enjoy interactive classes with expert teachers, perfected for each age group. Please note, these classes do not require parent participation though children may require help with set-up and some materials.

Check out each of our special areas:

Private Tuition

Enjoy Kspace quality 1:1 tuition right within the comfort of your home. Children benefit from individual tuition in a number of areas with our skilled and cheerful teachers in a number of areas:

  • Phonics
  • Singapore Maths/Maths Mastery programmes
  • English Language (ESL) - all levels
  • Science
  • Dance
  • Art