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Online Learning Classes

Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning
Kspace Online Learning

Parent & Child

Join Kokomo and a cast of the most entertaining Kspace teachers on Wednesdays at 10:00am for an online Parent & Child class! Your children will love engaging in sing-alongs, games, exercise and conversation with our expert circle-time leaders. In this special session, you'll learn all the tunes and movements to interactive songs and even have a chance to talk to other parents and childhood experts about your experience and concerns.

We will take your child on a magical journey through a new theme or song every week. As well as music, expect to see puppets, props, costumes and books. Our teachers perform against a colourful themed-backdrops, adding to the excitement and magic.

Private Tuition

Enjoy Kspace quality 1:1 tuition right within the comfort of your home. Children benefit from individual tuition in a number of areas with our skilled and cheerful teachers in a number of areas:

  • Phonics
  • Singapore Maths/Maths Mastery programmes
  • English Language (ESL) - all levels
  • Science
  • Dance
  • Art