Number Rhymes

Children can develop numeracy skills from a very early age and it’s best to start early!

At Kspace we introduce maths vocabulary, skills and ideas into everyday activities to help build early numeracy. We also have more focused lessons after school, where we use particular techniques to work on building a love of early maths – one of these special classes is called Number Rhymes. We make it fun, interactive and the children remember what they are taught because they love it!

Very young children love familiarity and they enjoy learning through stories and songs with repetition, rhyme and numbers. Parents can easily copy this at home, so the children have extra opportunities to build vocabulary and confidence.

Children aged
2 to 3 years


Childrens songs, numbers and counting are inseparable. Number songs and rhymes teach many aspects of early mathematics, addition, subtraction, comparisons and patterning. They also develop concentration and language. All of this combined with the fact that children simply love to sing, make our Number Rhymes class a hit for all of our little learners.

With the help of many visual aides, books, large props and puppets our teachers lead our 2-3 year olds on a mathematical journey, learning not only counting and number recognition but

We use a selection of songs and lyrics from a variety of different well known songs like ‘Ten in the Bed’, ‘Three Little Ducks’, ‘One, Two Buckle My Shoe’ and many more.